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Why you Should Upgrade to WordPress 4.0

The core development team have been hard at work to bring you the latest version of the open source software. These updates seem to be coming in thick and fast as the team that commits the updates gets bigger and move toward a more agile workflow.The latest version, dubbed Benny, is packed with the usual security patches and bug fixes however there is a few neat little features that are a must have for content creators and developers alike. Here are a few that we think you should upgrade for (if you haven't already):

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social media can affect your job

How social media can affect your job

We are living in an age where many cannot resist the urge to document their thoughts, pronouncements and microscopic movements on social media platforms. Sometimes these posts are done on a daily basis but for social media fiends, this may occur throughout the day. Online disinterest, in that “epic” sandwich you made at midnight or your early morning craving for a cappuccino, is not going to deter one from posting about it. Social media can be loads of fun but tread lightly – it can cost you your job.

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