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Why long-tail keywords attract quality website leads

The SEO game is in constant transition as it is often undergoing various changes to improve the relevancy of search results. This has been happening to a point that even devout SEO specialists have a hard time keeping up to date with all the changes. However, despite the constant changes, one can’t dispute the fact that making use of long-tail keywords will attract quality leads.

When we speak of long-tail keywords, we are basically referring to using three to six keyword phrases for SEO purposes.  For example, if you are selling t-shirts, to just utilise the term ‘t-shirts’ as a keyword on its own is a bit too vague – you are not going to rank highly without a large investment. However, if you start using a targeted descriptions or, as SEO specialists call it, long-tail keywords such as ‘stylish cotton t-shirts’, you are going to achieve better results in terms of page ranking and ROI.

Long-tail keywords will generally attract quality leads because of their targeting properties – they enable you to be a lot more specific and as a result attract a specific visitor. The counter argument for it is, long-tail keywords will draw less traffic whilst you don’t have a huge variety of content but it is a classic case of quality over quantity.  The traffic that you attract to your website, through long-tail keywords, will be focussed and more likely to be qualified to make a purchase. Hence, you are more likely to make a conversion.

According to Wordstream, “With shorter keywords, competition for rankings can be fierce, but visits can be scattershot and ROI can be low”. Hence, as logic would dictate, a smart implementation of long-tail keywords is going to give you the quality leads that you’re looking for as well as a great ROI.

Over time, however, as you expand on content that is focussed on your long-tail keywords, the traffic to your website will increase meaning even more targeted traffic and quality leads.  This is confirmed by SEOmoz who say that long-tail search comprises 70% of their search traffic.

Another great advantage of long-tail keywords is that it minimises the competition as a result of you being so targeted. The bottom line is – getting quality leads to your website will require long-tail keywords. Taking the above into consideration will do wonders for your SEO and lead generation efforts.

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