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Content going viral

Why isn’t your content going viral?

Posting organic content that goes viral is highly beneficial. It will give your company or brand a fantastic amount of exposure. So why isn’t your content going viral? You may have great content, but it still seems to be garnering a less than significant amount of attention on various social media platforms. Perhaps you are making some critical errors that are hampering your chances of virality. Or the idea of content going viral is actually just a myth.

Content going viral: is it a myth?

Viral content is every marketer’s dream, but do those dreams come true? Here are three things to consider about viral content.

1. Viral content doesn’t last long

Viral content usually has a short lifespan, so don’t buy into the idea that producing a once-off viral content piece will make you famous; it doesn’t. It comes and goes quickly, and then you find yourself back at the drawing board trying to think about the next engaging piece of content.

The best plan of action is to strategically plan engaging content that is relevant to YOUR target market. That is the type of content that will enjoy longevity.

2. Viral content will cost you

Contrary to the belief that viral content is free, it can actually cost you quite a bit. Producing quality, shareable content can be pricey and then you may still need to give your content a bit of a boost by investing some of your advertising budget into it.

3. Viral content doesn’t really spread virally

It is actually quite rare for content to be passed on more than once. What does this mean for you? You need to disseminate your content to as many people as possible in your market from the very start if you want it to be effective.

So to answer your question about why your content isn’t going viral, perhaps you simply had the wrong ideas about it. Content, viral or not, requires significant investment and a solid strategic plan. So instead of focussing on producing viral content, set a goal of producing excellent content. That makes a lot more sense in the long run.

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