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content marketing adds value

Seven ways content marketing adds value to a brand

These days, content marketing is a buzzword in the marketing sector. This marketing method serves to attract an audience via a planned content marketing strategy. People in the loop have recognised the immense value that this effective strategy brings to the table. There is no doubt that content marketing adds value to a brand.

Seven ways content marketing adds value to a brand

1. Content marketing adds value by enlightening the masses

If it is not entertaining, effective content marketing should be informative and useful to the consumer. If that rule is being adhered to, consumers of that content will be receiving information that is enlightening and empowering – and that is all dependent on how good the content is.

2. Content marketing adds value by attracting consumers

By creating quality content that is engaging, you spark the consumer’s interest and they get reeled in. If they continue to return for more, it is obvious that they have noticed that the content adds value, beyond the brand’s product(s). If the content is built around a certain service or product then you are definitely building a better case for it than you would in a regular advertisement. Keep in mind that most online content allows for immediate feedback and an opportunity to respond.

3. Content marketing adds value by keeping you ahead of the pack

Let’s be frank. Too many brands are stuck in the drudgery of conventional methods. While content marketing is somewhat against the grain in some opinions, it realistically brings something completely fresh and worthwhile to the table. It is a massively effective method that will keep you ahead of competitors.

4. Content marketing adds value by being flexible

Content can be tailored specifically for a particular product, service or niche. In addition, it can be generated in several different forms; blogs, videos, white papers, infographics, etc. It also can be juiced by leveraging a multitude of these different forms to support and reach any audience with specific preferences. Another important facet in its flexibility is measurability – if content is not working, your insights will allow you to shift focus or concepts to a more favourable position.

5. Content marketing adds value by creating brand awareness

Content is a reflection of the brand. Through content marketing, you can convey your brand beliefs, notions and ideals, and importantly “insider knowledge”. Soon, your brand will be embedded in the minds of those who are consuming your content. As content allows you to communicate brand values and knowledge, you can cast a wider net by addressing topics which are an extension of the brand and it’s products, adding value throughout a user’s experience with the brand.

6. Content marketing adds value by creating organic traffic

Great content will drive foot traffic to your page. Your numbers will escalate as a result of organic SEO and through referrals and word of mouth. A natural outcome of regular quality content, displayed in the correct manner, will earn you organic growth online. If your content is great, it will also sway others to curate your content on their sites and share it on their social media platforms, which also contributes to organic growth and increased online traffic.

7. Content marketing adds value by promoting social media engagement

Nowadays, it is hard to find an online article that does not offer the opportunity to share it on a social media platform. Major social media sites have transformed into a fertile landscape for content – a form of promoting content in a micro-blogging manner; if something is particularly interesting it will be promoted via status updates, shares, tweets, etc. In this regard, more people are bound to see your content and this will likely drive more consumers to your website. Instead of sharing the obvious content, typically expected of a brand, you now have something to share which holds more value, and acts as a catalyst for conversation.

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