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Online Advertising

We offer a range of online advertising options.

Advertising isn’t dead – it’s central to business success! Promoting your products, services and ideas is essential if you want to survive in today’s highly competitive market. You want to communicate where your market is, and your market can be found online. This is why companies continue to allocate more budget to online advertising.

We design impactful display adverts for the web that build into striking brand awareness campaigns. We also assist with corresponding copy that grabs the attention of your target market. Lead generation is a primary part of our profession, so we find all the digital places where your market spends most of its time and promote your products or services there.

In conjunction with traditional digital advertising, we actively participate in PPC (pay per click) advertising, which is a form of paid-for online advertising used by search engines, social media platforms and other mediums. In most instances, advertisers will only pay when a user clicks on an advert, but PPC can also apply to other payment models, such as paying for impressions or conversions. The huge advantage of PPC advertising is that you can be quite specific about who you target your content to. Our campaigns have assisted a broad range of clients, from startup to established business, in reaching the right people, piquing their interest and converting them into consumers. The Flicker Leap PPC staff are Google Adwords certified and operate according to international best practice.

Google Ads

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We have gained a huge amount of experience working with a wide variety of businesses, each demanding a unique digital solution.

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