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About Flicker Leap

We are


Unassailable is a powerful word that means “unable to be attacked, questioned or defeated”. Flicker Leap endeavours to give our best and conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity in every situation. With us, you can be certain your brand is in secure hands.

We are


The digital world is expanding rapidly and it’s impossible to operate a business without effectively existing in it. It doesn’t need to be daunting or overwhelming. Flicker Leap thrive in this world because we love all things digital, so we can’t wait to help you take the leap.

We are


Brands move forward as they conquer each of the challenges set before them. Seeing our clients succeed is a passion of ours, so Flicker Leap specialises in creating and implementing solutions that work. The digital world is full of problems that require unassailable digital solutions.

The Flicker Leap Story

It’s a love story. Flicker Leap is the result of two companies coming together in an equal merger after realising their visions were aligned and their skills complemented one another. Flicker and Digital Leap merged in March 2017 to establish a stronger company focussed on partnering with clients to create and provide unassailable digital solutions that offer tangible long-term value. Flicker Leap want to solve real world problems and truly impact our client’s bottom line.

How we Problem Solve

The digital world is full of problems and we at Flicker Leap set out to solve them – one by one. Once present realities are established, we define objective-reaching strategies and bring business-altering ideas to life. Creative solutions are implemented and new realities are built. Results are then measured to continuously improve ROI. This is how we provide unassailable digital solutions.

Flicker Leap Work Process

Meet the Team

Flicker Leap Bradley

Bradley Harrison

Head Problem Solver
Flicker Leap Charles

Charles Mackenzie

Head Catalyst
Flicker Leap Gareth

Gareth Tennant

Head of Lasting Impressions
Flicker Leap Seagyn

Seagyn Davis

Head Solution Technologist

Ryan Wiggill

Head Imagination Innovator
Flicker Leap Louise

Louise Davis

The Write Woman
Flicker Leap Hayley

Hayley Diamandis

Design Artisan
Flicker Leap Stephan

Phillip de Bruin

Code Wizard
Flicker Leap Matthew

Matthew Dalton

Development Ninjaneer
Flicker Leap Catherine

Catherine Versfeld

Creative Trailblazer

Calvin Govender

Apprentice Extraordinaire

Nondwe Maqubela

Marketing Maverick
Years of digital marketing and development experience
Hours of work done per week
Cups of coffee required per day
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