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4 Tips to successfully launching an effective website

You’ve just started your business and one of your strategies is to get customers from a website. Alternatively, you’ve got an established business and it’s about time that you redesign your website to make it more effective. Either way, you need a website that attracts visitors, generates leads and allows you to close your customers.

When it comes to launching a new website there are a few things that you should remember and prepare to make your new website launch successful.

Tip #1 – Quality content

Content will be the most important part of your website launch and we find it is often a stumbling block that delays getting a website live. Having a clear understanding of what you want to communicate on your website and what message you want to send to your visitors is the first step to quality content. Ask yourself the following questions when preparing your content:

  • Will people know what I do within seconds?
  • Will they understand what page they’re on and what it’s about?
  • Will they know what to do next?
  • Why should they buy/subscribe/download from this site instead of from someone else?

You also want to avoid only selling yourself. Most users will want to be convinced before buying so that they feel like they’re making an informed decision. Content that educates a user does not only prepare them for what you offer but it also positions you as a thought leader on the subject.

Tip #2 – Mobile mobile mobile!

If content was not the most important part of any web strategy accessibility would be number one! With a constantly growing (and predominantly) mobile market in Africa it’s an important factor to remember. According to StatCounter, mobile traffic has already taken over from desktop in South Africa.

This means that showing a website that is designed to work and display well on mobile devices it really important for a successful launch. You want to user to have a great experience that will result in them engaging more with your brand.

Tip #3 – Effective call-to-actions

When a user arrives on the website, and they have now learnt what you can offer from your great content you’ve just written (read above), the next question will be “What next?” This is where smartly placed and effective call-to-actions come into play.

A good call-to-action will tell the user what to do next and what to expect when they click on it. You want to be as clear as possible and this means making it look clickable – buttons are great for this.

Tip #4 – Avoid cheesy posed stock photography

Images are also very important for a website. They’re a great way to add a visual element that brings life to any page and also allows for a refreshing break to larger lengths of text. They should be selected very carefully though – the saying goes “An image can say 1000 words” and you’d want them to be 1000 positive words.

Now, before you run out and buy a year’s worth of stock photography to scatter across your website, consider your audience and look into getting authentic photos that communicate what you’re wanting to achieve. You’ll want to avoid the generic smiley business person who we all know has absolutely nothing to do with the company. Marketing Experiments did a great test to see the effect of the stock photography you choose and immediately got a 35% increase in conversions.

If you follow these simple tips you will have a great foundation to successfully launch your website and have it effectively generating leads.

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Seagyn Davis

Guest Author

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