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Tips for bloggers

Top tips for bloggers: 7 simple things to practise

There is more to blogging than most realise. Maintaining a successful blog can be a mammoth undertaking if you don’t have the know-how. Consider these top tips for bloggers to improve your blog as a vital component in your content marketing strategy.

Top tips for bloggers: 7 simple things to practise

1. Write like you speak

Too many people forget that a blog is meant to have a more conversational tone. When constructing sentences, imagine you are really speaking to your audience. This also enables you to establish your tone.

2. Originality

Originality is king. It is not uncommon to find various bloggers trying to mimic other blogs. You don’t need to have a trained eye to spot the imitation. This does not do you any favours, so just be you.

3. Write for your audience

Supply your audience with useful, engaging content. Write for your audience and give them content that will resonate with them. This can be done by ascertaining what hits home with them via polls, online chats, encouraging feedback, etc.

4. Choose topics that you love

Writing articles on topics that are close to your heart will undoubtedly allow you to produce better blog pieces because your passion will show in your writing. The absence of passion can compromise quality.

5. Run competitions

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Most people subscribe to the notion of: “if it’s free, I’ll take three.” Competitions are a great way to drive traffic to your blog. When numbers justify it, approach companies to sponsor prizes in exchange for advertising them as a sponsor on your blog. For example, a top South African blog like Becoming You often runs competitions.

6. Stay SEO friendly

While cool punchy headlines are great to read, it’s pointless churning out beautifully crafted literature if your online visibility is minimal. Make the effort to keep your articles SEO friendly and make use of SEO tools.

7. Look at it as learning experience

Your writing is not only an opportunity to share the knowledge that you have with others, but also to learn something new. Put a little bit of research and thought into what you are writing about and you will soon recognise blogging as a great learning experience.

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