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annoying Facebook habits

Annoying Facebook habits that you should curb

If you are like most people, you probably enjoy posting a Facebook status update every now and then – it could be a rambling or something of value. While that is all good and well, everybody has Facebook friends who exhibit tendencies that can be, well, quite annoying. Here are some of those annoying Facebook habits that we have all been exposed to and are possibly guilty of ourselves. This is also important to keep in mind when doing business social media.

Curb these annoying Facebook habits now

Posting your meals

Yes, those sausages and fries, that ridiculously bland steak or your cold beer may be exhilarating to you, but to the greater social media public, nobody cares. It is possible to eat without splashing it across Facebook.

Serial check-ins

In a bid to boost your social status, you may want people to be aware of your whereabouts especially if it is a hip or trendy place. However, when you feel you have to check in to the gym, work, your gran’s house and so on – this is a problem. Also for your sake, you better not have any serial killers on your friend list.

Posting inside jokes

If you are in the habit of status updating about stories that only you and your friends are privy to – kindly refrain from doing so. Nobody else gets it, and it’s just clutter to others.

Being overly lovey-dovey

It is fantastic that you are madly in love, but constant reminders of this may be cute and romantic to you, but to everybody else it is nauseating.

Publicly documenting your kid’s (or dog’s) life

This folly is rather similar to the previous point. You find your kid’s (or dog’s) shenanigans and every movement adorable, while others might get slightly tired of it. Posting about your kid (or dog) is acceptable, but everything in moderation.

Sending game requests

Most people find Facebook games insufferable. You may think it is a lot of fun to waste your hours ploughing a virtual field, but others don’t. So take heed the next time you send a game request to your Facebook friends. There could be a direct correlation between that and a drop in your friend list.

If your brand or business is guilty of some of these annoying Facebook habits, give us a call to discuss some alternative social post ideas.

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