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Alternative Storytelling

Alternative storytelling and its role in content marketing

Do you know what a GoPro is? I know, I know… I keep harping on about GoPro, but I really do love the brand. So do you know what a GoPro is? A simple answer is that it is a small camera used to film or take photos of things. I would like to suggest, however, that a GoPro is far more than that. It is more than just a device used to record video or images. It is a way of telling stories. I would describe GoPro as an alternative storyteller. Alternative storytelling can give your content marketing strategy the boost it needs. But what is alternative storytelling and what is its role in content marketing?

The story of alternative storytelling

GoPro allows the storyteller to create an alternative source of information to be consumed by a viewer. The GoPro device assists with the process of recording a story, but the story behind the device is what counts. I also believe that this is one of the main reasons that people have bought into GoPro as a brand. Not only is it a versatile, creative and unique camera, but it allows amateurs (non-videographers) to capture creative and compelling footage for them to create their own stories about their lives and others’ lives. This is alternative storytelling.

Now, why am I talking about GoPro again? Well, even this article is storytelling, right? It’s me, the author, telling you, the reader, what my view is on alternative storytelling and how it can play a role in your content marketing. Hopefully, through my storytelling, I will encourage your business, brand or product to explore alternative storytelling. It’s just a great way to get the consumers of your content to see things differently… from your perspective.

A great South African alternative storyteller is Chris Rogers. Chris is a content creator who uses his GoPro to create content that he publishes to YouTube. His ability to capture and create incredible videos has resulted in a growing audience, which he is able to advertise to. One of the ways he can do this is by allowing advertisers to display video adverts on his channel and earn money from YouTube.

Video content that engages in alternative storytelling can be extremely valuable to your brand and is a great addition to any content marketing campaign. There are many platforms available to push your alternative storytelling content and you can make use of different formats, e.g. using YouTube as a platform to distribute video format content. Social channels, like Instagram or Facebook, can also be quite cost-effective. Formats across different social channels could include GIFs, animation, etc. All these types of formats can bring your brand to life in a unique way.

Take a look at the six-second video formats called bumper ads that YouTube started offering. These are available through AdWords and they challenge creatives and filmmakers to fit stories into six seconds. Are six seconds enough for your story?

Chat to us if you would like to explore the idea of being an alternative storyteller.

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