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Copywriting advice

Copywriting advice for non-copywriters

You must be a non-copywriter. Or perhaps you are a copywriter who wants to scrutinise the advice being given here. Either way, if you grab hold of one or two pieces of copywriting advice mentioned here, like you would your favourite comfy pen, you’ll be writing your success story in no time. The key is to practise. Nobody ever got great at doing something by simply imagining doing it.

Why do you need copywriting? Because it’s a skill you inevitably need. You have to write copy for emails, social media posts, instant messages, blog articles, websites, online adverts, printed material and a whole lot more. So here is some helpful advice to get the words flowing and focussed.

5 pieces of copywriting advice

1. Get to the point

People like meat. As soon as your words start getting minced, you’ve lost your reader. Get to the point as quickly as you can without confusing anyone and be as direct as possible without coming across as incoherent. If what you are leaving out does not detract from the meaning of the copy then edit away. Be brief. Every word must have a purpose.

2. Be clear

Your copy needs to be edible. People shouldn’t have to laboriously chew on your words just to make sense of them. Use simple, specific words. There is no need to flamboyantly demonstrate your voluminous vocabulary and complicated sentence structuring capabilities (point made). Paint pictures with your copy – clear ones.

3. Show some emotion

Cold, hard facts are never as effective as we think they will be. People are emotional beings, so if really want to connect with someone you need to speak to their heart. Does your copy make your reader feel something?

4. Demonstrate integrity

You reader is smart. They can tell when you are not being authentically you or when you’re asking them to buy into something you don’t even buy into or when you’re actually just lying. If you don’t believe what you’re saying, how do you expect others to?

5. Experiment with literary devices

Rhythm and rhyme are not for the exclusive use of poets. There are lots of literary devices that you can experiment with that will add some spice to your sentences. Obviously don’t overdo it (no one likes a super salty dish), but add a touch of creativity to your copy and you’ll find your reader lingers longer.

Give these pieces of copywriting advice a try and let us know how you go. If you can’t seem to get the party started, try these 7 ways to break writer’s block. And remember… the key is to practise.

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