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Content Marketing

A business should exist to solve people’s problems. Content marketing is an excellent way to provide solutions and ultimately encourage people to buy into your product, service or idea. Inbound marketing might be the “in” thing, but the concept of attracting consumers by adding value is timeless.

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Display advertising is effective in building and reinforcing brand awareness, whereas inbound or content marketing is a great way to instill brand loyalty.

Content marketing refers to the creation of remarkable and relevant content, which draws people to your brand time and time again. Unlike outbound marketing, which screams for attention, content marketing attracts qualified prospects by answering questions and solving problems, which engenders brand trust and credibility. Valuable content essentially helps establish your brand as an expert in its field. Potential customers find your business when they discover your valuable content through channels like blogs, social media and search engines. With this in mind, content marketing plays an important role in improving on-page and off-page SEO. Content marketing covers a broad range of marketing activities and digital touchpoints. We provide our clients with bespoke content marketing plans that utilise the most appropriate channels for your business and recognise a person’s stage in the purchase cycle.

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