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January 2021 wallpaper desktop

January 2021 wallpaper for desktop and mobile

Download a FREE January 2021 wallpaper for your desktop or mobile device.

Things have changed. But one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to bring you some funky wallpaper designs for your desktops and phones. The Flicker Leap creative team look forward to designing a new wallpaper each month. We hope that they inspire you to do great things in 2021. Let us know if you’re a fan of our wallpaper designs and please do share the love with your friends.

What’s the story behind Flicker Leap’s January 2021 wallpaper design?

Let’s try that again…

You know how the song by Aaliyah goes:

And if at first you don’t succeed (Yeah)
Then dust yourself off and try again (Again)
You can dust it off and try again, try again
Cause if at first you don’t succeed (Oooh ooh ooh)
You can dust it off and try again (Try again)
Dust yourself off and try again, try again (and again)

No doubt, we all got a little dusty, perhaps even muddy, in the messy year that was 2020. So we have decided to look at 2021 as a second chance or a take two. Welcome to 2020 2.0. Here’s to a newer, better version of 2020 – one with way less glitches. Let’s take everything we learnt in the year that was and put it into action. Life’s a game, let’s play it. Yes, it’s real and raw, but we can determine how we respond to all that life throws at us. Time to get smart and play smart. And if at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.

Download your desktop version of the January 2021 wallpaper.
How about one for your mobile phone?

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