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3 truly loveable lead nurturing tips

February is the month of love and there’s nothing you love more than leads that convert into sales. But just like any other human relationship, leads need to be nurtured before they buy what you have to offer them.

There does need to be attraction, so being an effective lead magnet is your first priority. But while sales and marketing can sometimes attract the go-getters of the business world, the art of lead nurturing sometimes requires a more subtle touch. Once you have a lead, it’s not a good idea to blow it out of the water for the sake of trying to generate a quick sale (yes, there’s an analogy there too). Leads should be treated with care, and here are some tips on the best ways to nurture them.

The value of a personal touch

How many emails which end up in our inbox these days are left unopened, or texts from a company which we deem to be trying to sell us something left unread? Taking the time and effort to pick up the phone can have a lot more value in the modern day, when everyone seems happy to take the easy option. It also allows you to build a rapport with a lead, ask questions, assess their buying position, and make plans for further contact on the spot.

Engage with content

A lead-generating website will encourage your leads to engage with more content from you. A one-page website won’t do this. Are you publishing quality, targeted content? A newsletter packed with informative, entertaining and useful content – or if you believe the newsletter idea is a tired idea, an ‘insider’s digest’ – can go a long way to reminding your prospects of who you are and what you do, as well as providing them with value. You don’t have to be pushy, just offer great content and include a subtle call to action.

Solidify a position of authority

Tying in with the point above, whether it is through a blog, newsletter, face to face or by way of a phone call, you should do everything you can to ensure that your lead nurturing places you as an authority in your field. Speak about your past successes, highlight work you have done with similar companies, and don’t be afraid to champion your organisation as a genuine expert in your sector.

So there you have it. Some top tips on how to refine your lead nurturing process. And the keywords here are subtly and patience. Your leads will have their own businesses which they are busy with. Choosing the right time and place to contact them can pay dividends in the end.

If you want to explore some lead nurturing options specifically designed for your business then let’s talk. Yes, we’re trying to nurture our relationship with you. Book a no-strings-attached Skype/telephone call with us now.

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