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Why SEO Won’t Give You Instant Website Results

Why SEO won’t give you instant website results

When thinking about any promise made to you to gain instant website results due to SEO, here’s an analogy: imagine you are at the foot of a ladder and want to get to the top. There are a couple of ways to get there. One is by steadily climbing each rung, making sure you are established before putting your foot up to the next one. The second option, if you are fit and bold enough, is to jump from bottom to top. You’ve reached your destination (or goal) that much more quickly. However, you might feel slightly unsteady, and decide to step down a rung until you are comfortable. Sadly, all the rungs have been removed by someone who reckoned you’d never need them, and so you crash back to the ground.

This analogy shows the difference between long-term, effective use of SEO compared to those who claim instant website results. These people say that they can shoot your company or organisation straight to the top of the rankings. They claim to have tips, tricks or techniques, but probably don’t mention that search engine providers such as Google actively watch and often punish such behaviours. The aim of effective search engine optimisation techniques is to deliver a steady, continual upwards path, using proven strategies.

The main aim of SEO is simply to deliver interested and motivated potential customers to your website. Here, unlike those promising instant website results, time is taken to carefully analyse the types of people you are seeking to attract, and then to understand the words and phrases they are most likely to use when undertaking the search for which we want the answer to be you. When they then arrive, the page they reach should welcome and involve them in those terms, and start to provide the answers, products or services they seek. Every single customer that does so has the potential to be grown, from that initial contact, into a valuable and repeated user of what you provide.

If satisfied with the products, services or help you deliver, they may then mention you to others, perhaps also using social media and even providing a link to your site. In this way, your business grows steadily. This is also how the effective use of proven SEO strategies should work for you to provide such growth, adapted and refined as the process continues, as you make steady progress up that ladder where we started this journey. This takes you to sustained, rather than instant crash and burn, website results.

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