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Is content still king?

“Content is king” is a saying that has been going around for a little while now. But is content marketing still reigning over other marketing strategies? The short answer is: yes, content definitely is still king. But all kings need a little help from their friends, so it’s important to keep in mind that any marketing strategy should include a variety of marketing strategies – each aiming to achieve a specific purpose. These strategies should then come together as one holistic marketing strategy.

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place? If not, you may be missing a vital marketing tool when it comes to driving traffic to your website and connecting with potential customers. Perhaps you’re a little sceptical about including content marketing into your strategy because you think you may have already missed the boat. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Marketing through content generation, whether written or audio-visual, is a cost-effective way to reach a huge number of people. One of the greatest advantages is that generating content that people engage with enables you to build a strong connection with them.

Content must be carefully composed though, so always have a clear vision when it comes to crafting content, such as articles, podcasts and videos. Consider your content marketing strategy fully. What are your aims? How many articles / podcasts / videos do you need to publish on a weekly basis? What do you want to promote? How does the content marketing strategy align with the greater marketing strategy?

If you want to get more customers, content marketing can act as a successful lead-in. Once people have been successfully driven to your website, a well-designed, informative and lead-generating website can do the rest.

Take a look at these tremendous benefits of including content marketing in your marketing strategy:

1. More content on your website means that visitors will spend longer on your site and this could lead to sales.
2. Content marketing drives traffic to your site organically if you use social media to distribute fresh new posts.
3. Well-composed, targeted and fresh content can also increase your visibility in the search engines, which is very important if you utilise keywords sensibly. This can also lead to a higher-indexed site through Google and other search engines. Content marketing is about providing quality content that offers information and solutions. In this way you connect with the right people.
4. You gain greater potential to increase your conversion rate if you treat readers with respect and aim to solve a problem that they have. People will come to trust you as an authority in your respective industry.
5. When generating content, it is necessary to publish regularly and post it onto your website, circulate it through your newsletter and promote it on your social media channels. If you continually do this then you will continually renew interest in your business.

Content marketing is an inexpensive way of reaching people and it can really help you build your brand, your reputation and your business. If you haven’t developed your content marketing strategy yet, now is the time because content is still king.

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