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Who uses WordPress and why you should too

“30% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.”

We, at Flicker Leap, are very big fans of WordPress and do what we can to support the WordPress community in South Africa. It is no surprise then that we strongly recommend WordPress as starting point for almost anyone wanting to establish a presence on the world wide web.

As mentioned previously on this blog, WordPress is no longer a simple tool for people wanting to set up a basic blog. The platform has moved well beyond that and can be built for any purpose you can imagine. (We previously listed 11 possible uses of WordPress here but you can also view the WordPress showcase for a more comprehensive list)

So who uses WordPress? We are glad you asked.

Microsoft uses WordPress

Microsoft! Yes, one of the world’s largest software companies uses WordPress to run their news centre. This is a serious vote confidence in the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) especially considering that this website is one of the top 50 most visited websites in the world. It’s 43rd most visited website in the world.

Microsoft is not alone when it comes to using WordPress CMS at an enterprise level. Have a look at their peers:


Reuters is the 604th most visited website in the world.

Time Magazine WordPress website

Time Magazine is the 701st most visited website in the world.


Techcrunch is the 761st most visited website in the world in the world.



The 1,040th most visited website in the world is TED Blog. 

Facebook Newsroom
The 8,233th most visited website in the world is Facebook.

But, WordPress is not just exceedingly scalable for high volume content websites. It also knows what it means to be “in vogue”.

Just ask Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber website screenshot
The 365,554th most visited website in the world.

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt website screenshot

The 823,073rd most visited website in the world.

Mick Jagger

Rolling Stone website screenshot
The 141,681st most visited website in the world.

James Bond

James Bond website screenshot
The 220,139th most visited website in the world.

Or Katy Perry

The 218,728th most visited website in the world.


Looking to be more creative? WordPress gives you the freedom to be incredibly creative. As crafted by:



The 9,104th most visited website in the world.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Angry Birds
The 62,419th most visited website in the world.

Walt Disney


The 78,171st most visited website in the world.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design



The 846th most visited website in the world.

But WordPress is not just for the world’s largest brands. It also works brilliantly for these homegrown South African businesses.

Open Doors

Open Doors













Apex BI

Apex BI






African Sales Company







Still not convinced of WordPress’ adaptability? Have a look at these great start-up ecommerce websites.



Jax and Jus

Jax & Jus


So why should you use WordPress?

Having a look at the list of who is using WordPress, the question should be “Why would you not use WordPress?” That said, here are ten good reasons to use WordPress:

1) It gives you freedom (remember, it’s open source which means no license fees)
2) It’s easy to use and learn
3) It’s brilliant at ecommerce
4) It’s mobile friendly
5) It’s extendable by using themes and plugins
6) It’s SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly
7) It’s easy to manage and can handle different media types
8) It’s safe and secure
9) It’s scalable
10) It’s supported by a dynamic worldwide community of developers and designers

Would like to join the hundreds of thousands of people and businesses around the world who are using WordPress? Have a go at installing it yourself. Or, chat with one of WordPress experts who will be happy to assist.

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