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Top tips to boost SEO for Johannesburg-based businesses

Johannesburg is widely regarded as the business hub of South Africa. A competitive market demands that businesses always bring their A-game. Johannesburg businesses need to be on point with their marketing efforts and that includes their search engine optimisation (SEO) execution. In this piece we will look at some effective tips to boost SEO for Johannesburg based businesses.

Use Correct Keywords In Titles

Keep audience members in mind when you are writing titles and use the relevant words. If for example your customers are looking for a good tailor in Johannesburg, be specific. Instead of naming your piece ”The Best Tailor” rather call it “The Best Tailor In Johannesburg” to attract more targeted traffic.

Create Links To Internal Pages

Weave in previous content into new pieces and include hyperlinks in your content that link back to other relevant content in your site. This is another great method of improving SEO execution and increasing line of sight of your content.

Get Other Johannesburg Businesses to Link to You

This is a tricky one in terms of how you can get other local business that includes a link to your website. If you create quality content, it will improve the chances of other Johannesburg businesses linking to you. Perhaps you can approach certain businesses and agree on a “link-for-link” exchange. Inbound links are important for SEO!

Check for Duplicate Title Elements

A proper inspection for duplicate title elements could potentially improve your site’s SEO properties. This can be done via Google Webmaster tools. Inspecting for duplicate title elements will articulate the presence of duplicate pages, keyword cannibalization, and bad title element structure, if any.

Your URL Must Be Relevant

Utilise a URL that is relevant to your content. In other words, your URL must have relevant meaning to your content as search engines will be more likely to detect your page due to a boosted SEO signal, which will lead to your content garnering better standings in search results.

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