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Looking for a custom WordPress website solution?

Custom-built theme, blog, plugin and CMS integration

Mobile-friendly design and implementation

Industry-leading security with trusted SSL certificates

Scalable infrastructure, which can grow with your business

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WordPress Development

We create tailor-made WordPress solutions for brands through the development of custom plugins, themes and websites. These solutions are built following WordPress guidelines, which ensure security and a consistent user experience.

Why WordPress?

WordPress has continued to grow in prominence since its initial release in 2003, and it now powers 27% of the internet.

The Content Management System (CMS) is arguably the most popular website management and blogging system currently in use on the web. We love it. The good-looking theme designs, diverse plugin architecture and user-friendly appeal make it easy to develop best-in-class websites for our clients.

We assist in the selection of WordPress templates that work best for businesses. But fitting into a mould is not always possible, nor should it be necessary. We know that every business is unique, so we specialise in developing custom-built themes using HTML5, CSS3 and/or Javascript. We build on these WordPress websites by exploring a variety of theme extensions and theme modifications, and then ensuring a seamless implementation of the tailored theme. UX design is at the forefront of everything we do and we pride ourselves in developing websites that are not only beautiful, but also fully functional.

Our South African team of WordPress developers, specialise in the development of bespoke WordPress plugins and custom WordPress applications. This approach combines the power of the WordPress CMS platform with custom website development to produce scalable best in class website solutions.

Build a WordPress website

Plugging into WordPress

Creating and improving the functionality of a WordPress website is simple to do with the many plugins available for the CMS. We find the plugins that are pivotal for your website’s performance and we also build custom plugins that suit your specific WordPress and WooCommerce needs. Plugins are effectively extended, modified and implemented in the process of creating websites that user’s enjoy utilising and also achieve client objectives.

Once a WordPress website is up and running, we focus on the maintenance and infrastructure management of the site. The creation of a website is not a once-off activity, but rather a constant process. We maintain websites by continuously checking pages, revising content, refreshing themes, processing plugin updates and testing functionality. This ensures the perfect performance and overall optimisation of websites. Monitoring security and hosting is also fundamental to us in maintaining a stable infrastructure for your website.

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