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Web Development

Our codesmiths specialise in the development and enhancement of websites and web-based applications, including CMS, e-commerce, booking engines, lead management tools and online laboratories. And they all look great too, as UX design is at the forefront of everything we develop.

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WordPress Development

We create tailor-made WordPress solutions for brands through the development of custom plugins, themes and websites. These solutions are built following WordPress guidelines, which ensure security and a consistent user experience.

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App Development

Have you got a great mobile app idea? We specialise in the development of web apps and purpose-built hybrid mobile applications – from the overall user experience to cloud-based system integration.

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Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce is not the future, it’s NOW! It’s fast becoming an expectation that products and services should be available for online purchase. Everyone at Flicker Leap loves ecommerce. Rarely a day goes by when one of our staff aren’t receiving a box from an online store. Are your customers receiving what they want?

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Server Infrastructure

All of your digital efforts are futile, unless everything is securely held together by a server infrastructure that successfully streamlines your processes. This makes it easier for you, your staff and your customers to do what they need to do without constantly encountering obstacles.

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Strategy is fundamental to us! We don’t just do things for the sake of it. The strategic thinkers at Flicker Leap challenge the status quo to determine strategic objectives, create solutions, implement plans, measure results and refine strategies. What direction is your business going in and do you have a strategy?

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We have a team of diversely qualified designers specialising in effective website, corporate identity, packaging and printed graphic designs; as well as original multimedia designs integrating video, sound, still images and animation. Our aim is to build the best UI and UX designs, no matter the application.

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Online Advertising

Promoting your products, services and ideas is essential if you want to survive in today’s highly competitive market. You want to communicate where your market is, otherwise you’re shooting in the dark, and your market can be found online. This is why companies continue to allocate more and more budget to online advertising.

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We’re focussed on achieving perfect on-page search engine optimisation compliance with ever-evolving international best practices. We also believe in the improvement of off-page SEO through inbound marketing and backlink building.

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Social Media

Having a solid presence on social media is essential for brands, but it can be a time-consuming activity. We manage social strategies and accounts with engaging organic and paid content. We can also equip existing marketing teams with specialised support.

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Content Marketing

A business should exist to solve people’s problems. Content marketing is an excellent way to provide solutions and ultimately encourage people to buy into your product, service or idea. Inbound marketing might be the “in” thing, but the concept of attracting consumers by adding value is timeless.

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Direct Marketing

When done correctly, direct marketing can be intuitive, informative and interesting. It’s about communicating the right message to the right person at the right time in the right way. Do you delight consumers by speaking directly to them?

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