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Web Development

Our codesmiths specialise in the development and enhancement of websites and web-based applications, including CMS, booking engines, lead management tools and online laboratories. And they all look great too, as UX design is at the forefront of everything we develop.

Websites that work

When we talk about web development we are referring to to the creation of websites and web-based applications that solve common business problems. Web development covers a broad range of solutions, which our codesmiths and development ninjaneers thrive on developing for our clients. HTML5, CSS3, Java, PHP, SQL and Bootstrap are common words for us. You may not speak code, but we’re fluent in it. If we’re not coding then we’re drinking coffee.

It’s imperative for a South African business to have its own website. We assist with the entire web development and web design process. Whether it’s simply a landing page or a complex website with multiple pages, our attention to digital detail will ensure your website will go above and beyond the desired effect.

We also focus on ensuring websites have quality content – a necessary ingredient for a winning website. We construct content management systems (CMS) that adequately support numerous users formulating and altering digital content in a collaborative setting. Systems are our style. We focus on effective system integration and system testing. Our goal is to build systems that exceed operating expectations and to upskill employees to competently manage website content with various CMS solutions.

As a South African website developers, we have an extensive working knowledge of building websites and web-apps for the South African context. In particular, the development of mobile friendly websites for low resolution mobile devices and highly optimised websites for low bandwidth usage.

Make a website

Tailor-made development

If you’re an educator then you can similarly move your traditional learning environment online with the development of a unique learner management systems (LMS). The online learning industry is yet another example of how going digital is pivotal. Meet learners where they’re at and engage them with a tailor-made education solution.

Perhaps your business would also benefit from providing customers with the ability to book your service offering online. An IBE (internet booking engine) has the potential to dramatically increase the capacity and efficiency of your business. We have expert experience in digitising the booking of services and resources, so let us make an online booking system for your website and watch your business grow.

With all this new business, you are going to need an impressively powerful database and lead management tool. Improve the performance of your sales team by installing a tool that excellently captures lead information and successfully supports the conversion of leads into sales. Don’t let another lead slip through your fingers.

Develop my idea

Specific solutions

Some say we have our heads in the cloud. It’s true. We can provide cloud-based solutions to just about any business problem. We are also able to centralise data for online laboratories to run calculations in the cloud.

No matter the need, we can help – from splash page to community search engine. And we’ll even delve into games. It might be fun. We use modern and stable technologies based on needs and requirements to provide a robust and scalable solution. We’re also able to provide the necessary infrastructure to run the websites and web-based applications that we develop.

The just of it is this: Flicker Leap are specialists in web development. Give us a problem and we’ll find a custom solution for you and your business. Try us. Our highly skilled developers, focussed project managers and talented designers will deliver exceptional work – on spec, on time and within budget. With every project that we take on, our aim is to deliver world-class, mobile-responsive, UX-optimised websites and web-based applications.

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