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Looking for an easy-to-manage website solution? Try WordPress.

Everyone needs a website these days. It could be a personal blog, a platform for an influencer, an online store for a retailer or even a booking platform for a fitness facility. Knowing that the website solution you find for yourself will need constant updates, you’re also likely looking for something that will be easy to manage. So where do you start?

You could go out and get a developer and designer to create a website in pure HTML and CSS (the foundation of websites) but you’ll then need them to make any updates or content changes you need in the future. Then, when you need changes, having to always call a developer to add or update a bit of content is not only frustrating, it can also become quite costly. What you really need is an easy-to-manage website solution such as WordPress (a free and Open Source content management system).

Now, as a point of clarity, we’re not saying that WordPress is easy to set up and you can go ahead and do everything yourself. You can definitely go ahead and set up a self-hosted WordPress website and you can get very far using a bunch of plugins to achieve your desired result. However, using experts in their fields such as UX designers and software engineers (skilled in WordPress) can give your site that professional touch that it definitely needs and this will also make sure your website can scale when it needs to.

What we’re really looking for is the ability to easily manage your content and some features from your side. If it’s loading a new blog post, updating your rates, changing the stock or price of products, or updating your booking schedule then you want to be able to do it quickly, easily and affordably. This is where WordPress is really strong.

WordPress currently powers over 30% of the web. Whilst that stat is pretty amazing, the point I’m really making is that there is a massive investment by hundreds of thousands of developers, designers and agencies around the world. This is via plugins, themes and contributions to WordPress as a whole (core code, translating, design, UX, etc.). So when it comes to “easy-to-use”, WordPress is one of the fastest moving open source projects on the web with the objective of achieving just that – being the most user-friendly content management system around.

Here are a couple of things a WordPress website solution will allow you to do:

  1. Create and edit blog posts (built-in)
  2. Create and edit pages (built-in)
  3. Update menus and make basic look-and-feel changes (built-in)
  4. Add auto-embedded content from different places like YouTube, Twitter and Instagram (built-in)
  5. Add, update and see products and services online (via a plugin called WooCommerce)

All of those features are available for free. Once they are set up they will allow you to quickly and easily manage your website. One of the greatest attributes of WordPress is that if it’s not already built-in, you can find a plugin and/or theme that will add that functionality for you. This means that not only can you easily manage your website, but you can easily add a feature that will add even more value to your clients via a quick-to-install plugin.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss the idea of a WordPress website solution. If you’d like to learn more about WordPress, here is a great educational website offering useful how-to videos, articles and tips for anyone who wants to understand the best WordPress practices or simply level up their skills.

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