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Drip campaigns and their role in a direct marketing strategy


Today I want to talk about the power of email drip campaigns, discuss a survey drip campaign we sent to our clients and show you how to set up a similar campaign. Email drip campaigns are a great way to start automating your marketing efforts, increase your user engagement and market to/remind potential customers that they have an abandoned cart. Therefore, customers will be more likely to purchase the product they were interested in.

But first, what are drip campaigns?

Simply put: it is a scheduled set of emails that subscribers receive at predetermined intervals. For example:

  • A website visitor fills out a form to download a piece of content
  • They’re placed on a list to receive a set of automated pre-written emails
  • These emails will provide value in the context of the action they have taken
  • These emails will propel the visitor further down the sales funnel, whether to a higher-value conversion or a purchase.

Ok, let’s take a look at an example drip campaign that we ran here at Flicker Leap.

We ran a survey in the form of a drip campaign. The survey was intended to gather feedback from some of our existing clients. The drip campaign consisted of three emails that were sent out over a period of three weeks.

We kept it simple. We asked our clients one question per email and made it simple for them to respond to. They just needed to click yes or no, directly in the email, and we were able to record their response. On the landing page, we gave them the opportunity to elaborate on their response if they wanted to.

So, how do you set up a drip campaign? Watch the video and let me take you through how we set up the survey campaign that we ran here at Flicker Leap using MailChimp. When done correctly, direct marketing can be intuitive, informative and interesting. It’s about communicating the right message to the right person at the right time in the right way. Do you delight consumers by speaking directly to them?

Interested in starting to automate your marketing efforts, why not pop in for a coffee.

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Ryan Wiggill

Guest Author

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