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Direct Marketing

When done correctly, direct marketing can be intuitive, informative and interesting. It’s about communicating the right message to the right person at the right time in the right way. Do you delight consumers by speaking directly to them?

Personalised communication is key

Direct marketing allows companies to communicate directly to consumers, whether it is by SMS, MMS, email, websites, online adverts, database marketing and other highly targeted communication mediums. Receiving a personalised message that is relevant and valuable to an individual is sure to delight.

Email marketing often forms part of content marketing, and it remains a powerful way to communicate with your market. Flicker Leap are well-known for delivering emailers, automated or planned, with high open rates and content that interests recipients. Automated marketing is the use of digital marketing software that purposefully delivers automated or predetermined marketing communication across multiple marketing channels in a way that attracts, converts, closes and delights.

We also send strategic SMSes (text and multimedia messages) to people who have opted in to receive communication via mobile devices, including handy reminders, competition links and unique offers or vouchers. Whatever the message is that you’re sending and tracking, we ensure it goes to the right people by assisting with database growth and maintenance, and the development of efficient customer relationship management (CRM) systems and loyalty programme systems.

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