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Do I need a website maintenance package

Do I need a website maintenance package?

Launching a new website is exciting. But it’s just like a new car. As the months go by, your website will inevitably require maintenance and care. In fact, it is as important to invest in a website care package for your website as it is to have a service plan for your car. Not only that, but websites also need regular trips to the “petrol station” for day-to-day maintenance needs. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why website maintenance is key in the constantly evolving digital world we live in. 

4 reasons why website maintenance is key

1. Plugins need to be updated

If you have a website then you have plugins, and lots of them. Plugins are software additions that help you customise your website and keep it functioning smoothly. They need to be updated because keeping old versions is a security risk and can open you up to being hacked. If they aren’t checked and updated regularly then they can stop working altogether. New releases and security patches are launched daily and it’s not always best to allow for automatic updates as this can result in other issues. 

2. WordPress needs to be updated

Just like plugins, WordPress itself needs to be updated. Developers fix bugs, address security threats and add new features. This is a good thing. Essentially, a more recent version will offer better performance and security. However, updating your website to the latest version is likely to result in the need to make other updates to ensure overall compatibility with plugins and themes.

3. Themes need to be updated

Every WordPress website has a theme, which can become outdated quicker than seasonal fashion if you do not process the updates. A lot of how your website looks and functions rides on your theme. Updating your WordPress theme improves the user experience and functionality of your site, which is pivotal in ensuring visitors linger longer. 

4. Licenses need to be renewed

Software licenses themselves don’t need to be updated, but if you don’t have a valid license then the relevant plugins and/or theme won’t be updated. There are a number of licenses that need to be paid for (usually on an annual basis) to ensure your website continues operating as it should, e.g. Akismet, Gravity Forms and WP Rocket. You wouldn’t want to get pulled over by the cops with an expired license.

So do you need a website maintenance package? Yes. You definitely do. Care is better than cure. Before you find yourself stuck with a broken-down website – in need of towing and emergency repair – invest in our website care package. Let our team of experts handle all these pivotal maintenance updates and provide you with much-needed website support and assistance.

Not sure what website care you require? Get in touch with us today.

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