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Do I have to update content on my website?

Do I have to update content on my website?

We often get asked, “Do I have to update content on my website?” The short answer is, “Yes! Absolutely!” Let’s delve into the long answer to understand why it’s so important to keep your website content (that includes copy and media) fresh and exciting. It just takes a bit of planning, but once you see the value of adding to your site on a constant basis, you will have no problem finding the time to do it.

3 key reasons why you need to update content on your website

1) Improves organic SEO performance

If you were to update the copy on your website for one reason only, it would be to improve your website’s organic search engine optimisation (SEO). You can throw all your money at Google Ads to ensure your website ranks highly, but as soon as you stop spending money then your website will get lost IF your organic SEO is not up to scratch. Organic SEO is about making sure your website solves people’s problems and answers people’s questions. If the copy on your site is not doing that then Google will not show it to its users.

It is fundamental to have quality content on your website that clearly explains what your organisation does, what its products or services are and how you plan on helping people. In addition to this, it is vital to have a blog on your website as it provides you the opportunity to expound on your offerings and integrate the many key search terms into your website copy. An organisation should be passionate about providing solutions in their area of expertise, so it should come naturally to write articles that offer helpful information and advice. If you aren’t sure what to write about, start by answering the questions your clients often ask you. Through this process, you will gain the trust and respect of website visitors who will then get in touch with you when they require your products or services.

2) Improves website traffic

If a user keeps seeing the same thing when they visit your website, they may just stop visiting. Imagine your website homepage as your storefront window display. Retailers will tell you how important your window displays are in grabbing the attention of shoppers. Some retailers spend millions on their storefront appearance. Similarly, you should invest in keeping your homepage up to date with news, new products or services, promotions, sales, announcements and helpful information.

If a user keeps seeing new, exciting things whenever they visit your website then they will keep coming back. And it’s not just about keeping the homepage up to date. If the other pages are updated then visitors will stay longer as they take a look around your site to see all that is new. And if you keep creating valuable, interesting blog article content then more and more people will arrive on your website when you are answering the questions they are asking.

3) Improves brand perception

Most organisations are changing on a daily basis, so your website needs to reflect what is actually happening on the ground. If you built your website 10 years ago, and it hasn’t been updated since then, website visitors may begin to wonder if you’re even still in business. And you wouldn’t blame them if you have photos of products you no longer sell or videos of an event you no longer host or copy about a service you no longer offer.

If there is always fresh content on your site then people will assume your business is active and thriving, rather than stale and stagnant. Just make sure the content you are using is lending value to your brand. If you’re updating the copy, watch your spelling and grammar. If you’re updating the images, make sure they aren’t cheesy stock photos. If you’re updating the videos make sure they are edited well. EVERYTHING you do on your website, and offline, either improves or harms the perception people have of your brand.

Now that you’ve been convinced to update content on your website, let us help you out. We have a team of developers, designers and writers who can assess your website and give you advice on how to ramp up your website to the next level, and to the first page of Google. Fill in this quick form now and we’ll get in touch.

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