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Why your business needs to hire a digital agency

Digital is the name of the game in business these days. If your business isn’t digital then you’re on your way out. But rather than being afraid of all things digital, and avoiding it like a person at the mall who you don’t like, why not consider bringing in the experts. In other words, all you need to do is hire a digital agency or company to help you with the digital aspect of your business so that you don’t need to worry. Let’s take a look at what “going digital” in business actually means, what a digital agency is and a few reasons why hiring a digital agency will benefit your business.

What does “going digital” mean?

You may have heard businesses say, “We’re going digital!” But what does that actually mean? Essentially it means moving away from more traditional ways of conducting business to more modern, digital methods. For example, a retailer moving away from just operating in a brick-and-mortar environment to selling products online as well.

But it’s about more than taking your business online. It’s about changing the way business is done. Technology is progressing at an ever-increasing speed, so businesses have to innovate all the time. Your competitors are innovating, so if you’re not then you’re out. Transformation is key.

Hewlett Packard defines digital transformation as “the process of integrating digital technology into all aspects of business, requiring fundamental changes in technology, culture, operations and value delivery.”

What is a digital agency?

So going digital isn’t just about having a website. Similarly, a digital agency doesn’t just make websites for businesses. A digital agency helps businesses to digitally transform. Yes, that may begin with the design and development of a website, but it certainly doesn’t end there. The Digital Agency Network defines a digital agency as “an advertising agency that has evolved to meet the changing needs of marketing in the digital age. Digital Agencies bring the graphic design and copywriting together with new technology and modern marketing techniques. The result is a highly creative mix of artistry, science, engineering and determination to fix problems and find solutions in a very fast-changing landscape.” So essentially a digital agency will help you solve the problems that an ever-evolving tech world presents.

7 reasons why hiring a digital agency will benefit your business

A digital agency will benefit your business in many ways as a problem-solving partner. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider enlisting their services.

1. Expert website design and development

These days a website is pivotal to the success of any business. Perhaps you could call on the services of your tech-savvy uncle to whip up a quick website for you, but that’s not the best idea. Your website, more often than not, needs to be much more than a basic one-pager. For most of your market, your website will be their first experience of your business. Don’t let it be their last experience.

Digital agencies are staffed with expert frontend designers and backend developers. Websites is what they do; it’s not a side hustle for them. Their experience in designing and developing multiple websites for different types of organisations is advantageous for any business.

Yes, there are options out there that allow you to make your own website. Yes, they may work perfectly for personal websites, but if you are serious about your business then you will be looking for a more customised website. The website has to work for your business and your market.

2. Cost-effective alternative

You may be tempted to do “all the digital stuff” in-house. There must be someone in the business who can figure it all out? But, yet again, even if they do know their way around the digital landscape fairly well, they probably wouldn’t be able to call themselves a tour guide. Trying to do everything in-house may end up costing you a lot more than you may first assume. Let your staff focus on the jobs that they have been hired to do and invest in a partner company who can cost-effectively and expertly navigate your business through the digital dimension.

3. Fresh vision

Partnering with a digital agency is a form of outside-the-box thinking. If you try to do everything in-house then your ideas and vision (or lack thereof) will be boxed in. Calling on the assistance of someone other than those you normally rely on will bring something different and progressive to your business.

4. Grow your business

The advantage of making more of your business digital is that it will inevitably free up more time for the business to focus on what it’s good at, as well as acquire more reach and influence. Going digital will almost certainly result in positive growth and impact for your business. Getting a digital agency on board will afford your business scalability.

5. Build a strong brand

With the help of a digital agency, your business and its brand will be exposed to many more people in your market, and even beyond your market. Digital marketing puts brands in front of people who you would not normally be able to reach with traditional marketing efforts. Digital marketing channels include the likes of email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing and more. If your business is not yet tapping into the potential of these digital channels then you could be missing out.

6. Focussed business strategy

Digital should be a pivotal component of your business strategy, but it is often left out of the equation due to a lack of knowledge about how digital can work to benefit the business. A digital agency will enable your business to not only integrate digital into the strategy, but also free up everyone in the business to focus on their specific roles in achieving the overarching business strategy. As mentioned before, if everyone focusses on what they are good at then goals are more likely to be achieved.

7. Consistency

One key aspect of a digital presence is the need for it to be consistent. A digital agency will ensure that your business is consistent in the digital realm, and also consistent with how the business represents itself in the physical environment. Essentially, partnering with a digital agency will ensure your business and brand is consistent no matter how or where people encounter it.

If you’re feeling a bit more comfortable about taking the leap into doing things digitally then give us a call. We bet there are many ways you can digitise your business.

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