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Making your 2020 vision statement visual: 7 ways

A visual vision statement is a step towards achievement. A new year and new decade bring changes and new goals. We all know the dismal success rates of new year’s resolutions. Often vision statements fall into the same category. They are dreamed, written down, added to a company profile document and promptly forgotten.

In the past decade, technological changes have drastically changed how businesses operate and do business on a day-to-day basis. In 2020 we wear our cell phones and talk to our appliances. It’s all a little crazy and may mean you change aspects of HOW you do business. Visions are not dependent on these types of changes. Vision statements are long term goals, which guide culture rather than procedure. (Read What is the difference between a vision, a mission and values?)

Vision statements need to become the dream of all current and future employees. They should resonate and become like a compass point to pass all business decisions by. A vision statement never seen, never spoken, never promoted and never followed serves no purpose.

So make it visual, make it come alive.

After the task of putting together the words of an inspirational vision statement comes the exercise of communicating it.

So how do you make your 2020 vision statement visual so it lasts the next decade?

7 ways to make your 2020 vision statement visual

1. Market it for memorability

A catchy radio jingle can stick in people’s heads for decades… “Oh boy! Mom remembered Melrose”. Visions should be easy to quote, word for word, at the drop of a hat. The main reason to make your vision statement visual is to make it more memorable. Most vision statements aren’t quite as catchy as a “You’ve got an uncle in the furniture business” so you need to find ways to make it stick. You want it top of mind for each and every employee in your organisation. You are essentially advertising to inspire people to do great things and achieve higher heights.

2. Sell your vision statement to outsiders

Making your vision statement visual is fantastic for brand building. If it’s going to be around for a long time, it’s worth spending some time on creating something worth looking at. A visual, brand-aligned design of your vision statement can be used in many applications both digitally and in print.

3. Use the visual to add to the communication

Visual representations of vision statements allow for a whole new layer of communication. Creating a stunning work of art out of the words of your vision statement can be a simple typographic exercise or it can incorporate iconography, symbols, imagery and even texture. This additional detail can give context and aids in memorability.

4. Make your vision statement part of your decor

Vision statements provide easy artwork. Paint it on a wall for everyone to see.

5. Create experiences as reminders

Deskdrops, branded goodies, emailers, events. Reminding your people of the dream and ultimate goal helps to keep them passionate and focussed. Create a cause that people can get behind and want to support.

6. Talk about your vision

The words and language of a vision statement are carefully chosen and structured. These words should become part of everyone’s speak. If the words are seen often and committed to memory, they will naturally become part of the team’s vocabulary.

7. Say what isn’t said through visuals

The visual representation of your vision statement should embody the business personality. If you want to be “A fun place to work” but don’t actually use those words in your vision statement, you can use graphics and design to portray that characteristic.

2020. It’s a new year, it’s a new decade! Time for a new 2020 vision statement? Or perhaps just a fresh version of what you had before? (Wait, do you know what you had before?) Either way, make 2020 the year you bring your vision statement front and centre.

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Hayley is Flicker Leap's Creative Director and heads up the Creative team.

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