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strategic digital marketing

Strategic digital marketing: steps to success

In today’s generation, people have grown up embracing the world of digital consumption. It is the future of marketing and has proved more effective than traditional methods. Digital marketing methods are faster, practical, streamlined and versatile. The great thing is…

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Generating business leads

Take the friction out of generating business leads

HubSpot, a thought leader and inbound marketing service provider, have for years promoted what they call the funnel. A process for generating business leads and managing marketing and sales leads. However, in recent months this process has been replaced with…

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effective lead nurturing techniques

5 effective lead nurturing techniques

For business owners who really want to connect with customers, lead nurturing is a successful marketing process that can begin as soon as a potential buyer first makes contact. This technique can be used as part of an effective marketing strategy which will build trusting relationships between the business and buyers, using relevant and innovative communication methods to engage customers and entice potential sales. This article will look at five of the most effective lead nurturing techniques that can be used to increase sales and gain an advantage over competitors.

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