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keeping WordPress updated

The benefits of keeping WordPress updated

In the wave of content which is characterising the marketing methods of companies around the world, WordPress sites are key to the way in which we are able to produce and consume blog and video content. For all the fancy plug-ins and themes that you can incorporate into your WordPress sites in the modern day, there is one area of maintenance which admins might overlook – but it is vitally important. That’s updating your WordPress to make sure you are running the latest versions at all times, and in this blog we look at the benefits of doing so.

Why keeping WordPress updated is important

1. New features

Quite simply, if you aren’t updating, you are missing out. There is a raft of new features in every big WordPress release, from faster processes to new capabilities such as inline image editing. Those who neglect to update and stick with running an older version are only doing themselves a disservice. When it comes to discussing WordPress features with fellow users online, it can be assumed that you are using the latest version, which is another reason to update.

2. Fix bugs

As with many software packages, inevitably bugs sometimes creep into WordPress, and this is often a reason behind some of the minor releases which are put out. In many cases, advice for fixing a big will be simple – update to the latest WordPress version.

3. Security

In order to snuff out potential vulnerabilities before they even begin, not to mention malicious activities from unknown parties such as hackers, updating your WordPress will provide you with a version which covers many of the vulnerabilities which might have been present in older versions.

4. Responsiveness

From your back end activities as an administrator to customers who visit your site, you can ensure the experience is as smooth as possible by giving yourself the benefit of the speed improvements often made in the latest WordPress versions. Speed has a say in everything from user experience to search engine optimisation, so ensure that you give yourself the best conditions by updating your WordPress.

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