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Women marketers why they are better
  • Louise Davis

Women marketers: why they are better

Women are allegedly better marketers than men, but is this really true? According to an article published in Professional Marketing, author Mark Ritson (a male) says it’s women’s brains that give them an advantage in the world of marketing. Let’s look at seven A-class ways why women marketers are better.

Women marketers are…

1. All heart

A woman’s brain is pro communication and understanding. So, from a young age, women reveal themselves as the more sensitive sex, generally speaking. They are usually just more attentive to the needs and feelings of other people. It is this heartfelt empathy trait that is key in marketing because it is those that understand their markets best that find success.

2. Analytical

Women tend to be better at analysing quantitative and qualitative research holistically, thereby enabling them to reach intuitive insights that can move brands forward. Men, on the other hand, usually favour quantitative facts to the neglect of qualitative feelings.

3. Attentive to detail

Most people would agree that women love details. It is this attention to detail that is fundamental in brand management because it’s often on the small details that big brand strategies are built. No one brand is like another. Women seem to be better at understanding and utilising the small details of each brand to differentiate it from others.

4. Articulate

Male and female brains approach the world differently. While men are very system-thinking orientated, women view things holistically. This plays out in marketing with men providing more complex brand positioning statements and women offering more simplified versions, which women are able to articulate clearly.

5. Attuned

Competition is an inevitable challenge that all marketers face. Men are hunters and focus aggressively on one enemy, which is problematic in marketing as there is rarely only one competitor to worry about. Women usually have cooler temperaments and are more attuned to the competitive landscape in its entirety.

6. Altruistic

Generally speaking, women show more of a concern for others. Men, on the other hand, tend to be a bit more egocentric. Therefore, female marketers often try to avoid the spotlight and push others, who are perhaps better qualified, to represent the brand they are marketing. The danger with male marketers is that they can jump at any opportunity to be the centre of attention, but then do or say something wrong when everyone is watching or listening.

7. Age better

Research has shown that men lose more brain tissue with age than women, so a male marketer’s ability to control impulses and emotions gradually declines. Self-control is important for marketers to possess, so senior female marketers have the upper hand.

If you’re a man who is feeling resentful, or a woman who is gloating, then stop right there as it is important to note that each point is a vast generalisation. There are, no doubt, many exceptions to these assumptions. And remember, this is just referring to women marketers versus men marketers and their respective capacity for marketing only. Men are the better fit for a number of other careers.

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Louise is the write woman to be the Marketing Manager at Flicker Leap.

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