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Server Infrastructure

All of your digital efforts are futile, unless everything is securely held together by a server infrastructure that successfully streamlines your processes. This makes it easier for you, your staff and your customers to do what they need to do without constantly encountering obstacles.

Structuring things the right way

A website, mobile app or email is no good if it can’t be accessed easily. We offer stable, reliable and secure website, system, application and email infrastructure solutions, which have the ability to grow with clients as their businesses expand. This is critical to business success.

In an effort to provide 360-degree digital solutions, we offer our clients basic hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), cloud and dedicated server solutions. Leaving that to us gives you peace of mind that your server infrastructure is being looked after. We like to ensure our client’s websites and servers are always operating to the best of their potential – no more super slow servers, security breaches and down time.

We have dedicated and optimised Linux servers with space for web and mobile applications, and our infrastructure is based in state-of-the-art data centres located in South Africa and Europe. Whatever the requirement, our dependable infrastructure solutions are a breeze to attain and maintain. We provide support for all our infrastructures set up. If anything does, by some slim chance, go awry, our dedicated team will quickly pounce on the problem. We endeavour to sort critical issues out in a couple of hours and other issues within one business day. So, whether you’re an expert sysadmin or not, we have you covered with managed or unmanaged solutions.

Get me structured

Effective email hosting

We know that businesses cannot survive without ingoing and outgoing email communication. But handling the email hosting yourself can be stressful. On-site email management also often has hidden operating and capital expenditures, which can be avoided by moving to a cloud-based solution.

We, therefore, offer clients email hosting solutions with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 (of which both we are a partner). We’ll take care of all your cloud-based application needs, including email, document collaboration and cloud storage. These options will bring down your business operating costs and reduce anxiety. No more grey hairs and “email undeliverable” or “no more space available” messages. If you allow us to manage your email hosting, you will have more time to focus on other, more important, areas of your business.

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