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Gareth Tennant

Head of Lasting Impressions
Flicker Leap Gareth

Gareth is a visionary and a creative problem solver. He has nine years experience in SME management and is Flicker Leap’s primary client-facing representative. He has a diploma in digital advertising through the Digital Marketing Institute (Ireland) and has managed the majority of our client’s successful digital campaigns from beginning to end. Flicker Leap reflects his passion for quality, out-of-the-box thinking and great ideas. Ideas that solve problems. Gareth likes to take a different approach to things. Give him a line, a straight and a corner and he will make you a square. He loves having fun and is full of energy, so you’ll often find him in the gym working some of it off. He strives for perfection and wants things that work. He enjoys messing around with his GoPro and spending time with people. He likes people! But his favourite person is his wife.

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